I have had several transactions with Sylwia and I can honestly say, not only is she an expert in her field but she is also honest and trustworthy person. She goes out of her way to do the best possible job. i would never considered another agent and i highly recommend her from my own experience, with great confidence. - Gregory Skalkogiannis
Sylwia is a very professional and knowledgeable agent. She is also very patient and went out of her way to accommodate my request. She located several condos with my specific requests. I purchased the condo within a month. Sylwia is really the best agent in this difficult market.!!! - Melinda de Souza
Sylvia, very professional agent. Easy to work with. Very knowledgeable in her field and goes out of her way to accommodate her client to full satisfaction - Elizabeth & Henryk
Sylwia is pleasant, responsive, professional, organized and very patient. She’s always willing to help in anyway possible. She has a wide knowledge of the real estate business and a great sense of humor. We highly recommend Sylwia! - Robert
When we decided to buy our first home, we turned to her services on the recommendation and did not regret it. She accompanied us when buying a house from start to finish. A few years later, we decided to buy an apartment and did not even think about which realtor to choose. Sylvia is the best! - Eldar
Sylwia is the kindest ,most professional agent and guided us how to get our house in proper condition for the sale. Once the house was ready, she practically did everything from organizing the photos for the house , putting up the sign and advertising on the market to final sale with the notary. She is an incredible agent if you are looking to sell or buy a house. - Lourdes Desouza
Sylwia is the best, she goes above and beyond to help her clients. My transaction was complicated due to me beeing outside of the country when the transaction took place. She not only helped me sell my old house , she helped me find my dream home. I strongly recommend using Sylwia for your future transactions. - Paulina
Wonderful service with an attention to detail and customer care. Thank you!
Pani Sylwio. Bardzo serdecznie dziękujemy za pomoc, cierpliwość i wyrozumiałość. Jest Pani osobą  wyjątkowo obowiązkową , profesjonalną  w swojej pracy i bardzo miłą. Życzymy  Pani pomyślności,  dalszych sukcesów w  pracy oraz zadowolenia w życiu prywatnym.
Dear Mrs. Sylwia, My husband and I we were so pleased with your professionalism and personal touch to the detail in selling our house. You always had the time (even during holidays), patience and smile to take the call and answer to all our questions or to make  a suggestion. Your honesty and experience are the most important values as a real estate agent in the process of selling or buying a property. You had always keep us updated about any new development and made sure that all the paper work was in order and deadlines were met, everything was done properly and we knew without your hard work we wouldn't be able to manage by ourselves. We would like to express our great appreciation for your competence, guidance and highly recommend You to our family and friends. Best regards
Nous tenons à vous remercier pour votre dévouement, nous ne connaissons aucune autre agente qui comme vous se dévoue pour le bien être de ses clients. Vous êtes 10 sur 10 à nos yeux. Milles Merci Meilleurs salutations
Dear Mrs. Smolinska We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the effort you put into selling our home. We were referred to you by a friend and were 100% satisfied. We had to sell our house within a specified period of time and you never cracked once under the pressure, even thought we did occasionally. When we thought we would never sell in time, you were always positive, encouraging and kept us well informed on your progress. You gave us many useful tips to improve the chances of selling our house quickly and were always avalaible to show our place. Once you sealed the deal for the sale of our house you even went above and beyond the call of duty by helping us look for a temporary place to rent out. We cannot express our gratitude enough and would highly recommend you to anyone. Sincerely
Merci pour le soutien et le professionnalisme assumé dont vous avez fait preuve lors de l'achat de notre nouvelle maison de même que lors de la vente de notre propriété actuelle. Sylwia, merci de ta patience et de tout le temps consacré à notre dossier de vente. Ta disponibilité et tes connaissances pour nous conseiller dans notre dossier d'achat nous ont permis d'obtenir le prix fixé au départ.
Nous ne pouvons pas passer sous le silence, le merveilleux travail effectué par Mme. Sylwia Smolinska qui par sa patience, sa diplomatie, sa capacité de travail, son intégrité sa compétence nous a trouvés la maison qu'on désirait, nous avoins été épatés par son travail. Mme Sylwia vous nous avez beaucoup aidé. Nous garderons un bon souvenir de vous
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